About Us

Café Garden Story combines delicious food, a love for books, and enriching community events.  We offer a culinary experience with a varied menu, as well as specialty services: a library offering children’s and adult books to read at the café, cultural and enrichment events such as lectures for women who are after giving birth and musical storytelling.


One of our main goals is to be child friendly.  From the overall design of the place, child height sinks, and a dotted children’s menu containing meals that they love, Garden Story provides a unique family experience like none other.


The café offers a fish and dairy menu based on fresh and quality raw ingredients.  The menu includes a selection of breakfast dishes served daily until 12:30 o’clock.

Likewise, our afternoon and evening menu is also based on fish and dairy.  Among other things, this menu offers fresh pastas, different fish dishes, specialty salads, sandwiches, and extremely delicious desserts.

We can hold pastoral and unique events at every one of our locations.