The Garden That Went into the Café

Garden Story is designed exceptionally and creates total affinity with the park’s surroundings.  The architectural foundation makes use of materials found at the park itself: pine boards encase the building from the outside and the pine trees are used for partitions within the building.  Many plants can be seen between the walls, and thus, creating a feeling whereby the park pierces into the building.  The floating ceiling is illuminated by hidden lights, which shed light on the wooden walls and creates an inviting and warm atmosphere.  The two-sized flooring appears like the external flooring that usually appears throughout the park.

The restaurant’s space is decorated by flower shaped bokeh lighting and floating plants. These are integrated with an iron mesh and separate the different spaces in the sitting area.  The warm colour palette that is used throughout the design creates a dominant and inviting look.

Café Garden Story spans over 200 square meters and includes a large expanse that stretches into the park, portraying a wonderful fishpond.


Quality Time for the Whole Family

Every parent knows that their children’s healthy appetite arises after a great trip at the park.  Exactly for this reason the café is located here.  Café Garden Story Herzliya is an extremely child friendly place.  The café offers a children’s menu up to the age of 8.  The menu is dotted in such a way that our young customers can read it and pick their own meals.  Likewise, in our restaurant you will find a library with a large selection of beloved children’s books.  Lastly, in the bathroom you will find a child height sink.


A Rich Cultural Experience

Café Garden Story combines delicious food, a love for books, and enriching community events.  At the café there is a library offering children’s and adult books.  In addition, we host cultural and enrichment events such as lectures for women who are after giving birth and musical storytelling once a week.


Come on over for a truly enriching experience!


Get to know the restaurant’s managers

  • Hila Beyserman

Hila Beyserman

32 years old, originally from Habonim.

Argentinian roots, full of grace and contagious charisma.  In the restaurant world from an early age, and even opened a catering business in Argentina over the years.  Joined the Café Garden Story chain through Lionel Kreif (Rishon LeZion’s manager) and loved it ever since…


  • Moshe Ifrah

Moshe Ifrah

40 years old, originally from Dimona

Brought into the Garden Story founding team 6 years ago, was the first shift manager in the chain and remains an integral part of the group till this day.  Today he manages the Herzliya restaurant…