Café Garden Story is located at the centre of Garden Story in Holon.  This magical garden includes 8 gardens, whereby each one of them uses statues to tell a different children’s story.  Here you will find the classic stories that every Israeli child hears growing up, such as: Apartment for Rent, Nehama the Lice, Noah’s Sign Language, Dudi Simha, and more…

The café is just like the garden, founded for the children.  The design of the place was inspired by the garden.  In the middle of the restaurant you will find bookshelves shaped like treetops packed with children’s books.  The placemats scattered around the tables are the work of children inspired by the garden stories.


At the café there are many children’s books and thumbnail booklets, which can be read while waiting for dishes to be served and after eating.  In addition, there is a children’s height sink and a children’s menu which includes a special breakfast – “Yeladoodes Breakfast”.

At the café there are over 500 second-hand books for sell for only 20 shekels.  This is due to our participation in the “Rebooks” project, which provides a place of work for people with special needs, in addition to recycling books to reduce the impact on the environment.


Café Garden Story offers a quality dairy menu, whereby all the dishes are created using quality ingredients.  In this menu you will find quality dairy dishes, amazing cakes, fresh pastas in different shapes and sizes, fresh fish, unique salads, and much more.  Morning hours are especially recommended at the café, where we serve fine Mauro coffee imported directly from Italy.  In addition, we serve specialty breakfasts which have been masterfully prepared by the chef, Sergio.  Moreover, our menu offers delicious and splendid gluten-free and vegan dishes.

Feel like snacking on something small?  You may want to look at the “Little Menu” which offers Garden Story coffee.  We offer a variety of appetizers, focaccias, dips, salads, and small dishes which are especially appropriate with beer, wine, or any other alcoholic beverage.


All the dishes served at the restaurant are served with kitchenware designed by the artist Sober.  Thanks to this, the dishes seem to have a different and personal touch.


Private and intimate events of up to 50 guests can be held at this location.  We hold children’s birthday celebrations in front of the magical garden.


Get to know the restaurant’s managers

  • Elad Ben David

Elad Ben David

בן 35, במקור ממושב מצפה

35 years old, originally from Mitzpa

Until a little less than a decade ago, I was sure I would spend the rest of my life in front of a computer in a comfortable office.  One day my plans changed, I left the far north and moved to Tel Aviv. I fell in love with the profession through a home 

  • David Baazov

David Baazov

An integral part of the Café Garden Story team, with us for over 3 years with love and dedication.  Comes from the bar, wine, and cocktail world.  Known as the uplifting morale staff member.  “Love the coffee, love…